Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud

Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud provides business, data governance and privacy users with a streamlined means of accessing trusted data, which they can then analyze with the tools they already use. The results are lower costs, improved scalability and accelerated data-driven outcomes for enterprise businesses.

Data Affect has extensive experience implementing, customizing, and integrating data governance solutions across multiple industries

Our experience with Collibra Data Governance

Advisory Services

We help our clients:

  • Understand the current state, create an inventory of systems and build a roadmap to achieve the target state
  • Select the right operating model approach
  • Identify value-add use cases
  • Develop and prioritize implementation and expansion Roadmaps


We help our clients build a foundation:

  • Environment setup / verification
  • Operating / Asset model customization
  • Platform Customization
  • Custom workflows
  • User Training & Rollout Assistance


We help our clients:

  • Explore platform capabilities
  • Evaluate accelerators
  • Fit-Gap Analysis
  • Integrate using the out of the box options and the Collibra marketplace connectors

Integration and Automation

We help our clients mature: 

    • Integrations as Subscriptions [Marketplace Certified]
    • Custom Integrations
    • E2E Process Automation with custom workflows & integrations


    We help our clients mature: 

    • Assess, size and plan
    • Migrate Operating Model and Content
    • Post Migration Verification
    • “Enhance & migrate” as opposed to “lift
      and shift”

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