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MANTA is the central hub of all  data flows within the organization. Manta’s scanners connect to various parts of your corporate data centers and cloud environment, automatically gather all metadata, and reconstruct complete lineage. Enterprise users can then visualize the lineage in Manta’s native viewer app on the level of detail that meets your needs. 

How It Works

Step 1: Connection & Scanning

Manta’s scanners connect to various technologies, databases of your environment, automatically gather all metadata, and reconstruct complete lineage..

Step 2: Lineage Extraction & Additional Semantics

Adjust the lineage to the level of detail that meets your needs. Search through all of the lineage, focus only on selected parts, review previous versions, share the lineage with others, and more..

Step 3: Complete Lineage as an output

MANTA’s lineage can be delivered in its native interface, exported to a third-party governance solution of your choosing like Collibra Data Intelligence, Alation, Ataccama, Informatica EDC/AXON, IBM Infosphere IGC etc or be integrated into other data management processes via its robust, well-documented API..


Key Benefits of using Manta for Data Lineage

Automated Lineage Discovery

Manta helps to put an end to costly, lengthy, manual processes of lineage collection and updating. Automate them with MANTA and save $5–15M in the initial phase of implementation.

Accuracy with an Added Semantic Layer

Detailed lineage with an added semantic layer means more accurate and timely reports that lay the foundation for more informed decisions and better forecasting without second-guessing.

Trust in Data

A complete image of end-to-end lineage adjusted to every user’s technical understanding increases data transparency that drives trust in data and empowers all users to use data with confidence.

Full Regulatory Compliance

MANTA provides a complete overview of the regulated data being processed by the organization to meet any regulatory requirements and avoid hefty penalties for non-compliance.

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