WireWheel Data Privacy

WireWheel offers the best solutions for achieving compliance quickly (from CCPA to GDPR and LGPD), all while preparing your organization to respond to upcoming privacy standards.

CCPA Rights Management

The tools, workflows, templates an enterprise needs to fulfill, track and audit

  • Right to know
  • Right to delete
  • Right to opt-out
  • Do not sell


Privacy Assessment Management

Identify privacy risks, prioritize actions, and create required documentation for every system and processes that impacts personal data.

Integrate with the rest of the enterprise ecosystem

Connect the identified privacy assessment and processes to the rest of the enterprise ecosystem and technologies to understand the impacts of privacy and identify the aspects which are needed for privacy by design.


With WireWheel we can…

Achieve CCPA Compliance

Address Access Standards, Delete Standards, Do Not Sell, Consent & Preference,

Robust Privacy Program

Manage PIAs, high risk assessments, DPIAs, and ROPA

DSAR Management

Respond to data subject requests (DSAR) and setup the consent and preference management.


Build a privacy and data protection into your application, and into all phases of the design.

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